Biometrical identification

VOCAL SCW 1 checks the codeword and the unique voice-pattern.
Any voice-pattern is just as unique as a fingerprint.
Speak your codeword into the microphone or use a dialer. Via the speaker you will be prompted or get answers.

Listen to the sound sequence

VOCAL SCW 1 recognises you and up to another 4 authorised drivers by biometrical voice identification as well as the codeword. Only then does it allow the vehicle to be started.


VOCAL SCW 1 disconnects 3 electrical circuits when armed, e.g. ignition, starter and fuel pump. The system armes itself about 8 minutes after turning off the ignition or immediately on opening the door when the ignition is turned off.

Only when the system has recognised you as an authorised driver the relays in the control unit will close the three disconnected circuits. After this release you can start the engine (disarmed).

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