The Voice as a Key – Language as “Third Hand” A Vision becomes a Program

ABS GmbH was founded in 1990 and employs highly qualified and motivated employees.
  Fascinated by the Vision – The Voice as a key – Language as “Third Hand”,
which has become the program for ABS GmbH by now, development engineers and technicians work in the fields of voice recognition and voice-signal analysis, two specialised fields of digital signal processing (DSP).

ABS GmbH has endeavoured all the time to offer useful solutions and products with digital signal processing (DSP) based on up-to-date efficient processor technology that is payable and fit for daily use.

The voice-coded antitheft device illustrates impressively how we go about doing exactly that.

  Other products and prototypes of the family of voice-recognising products are:
VOCAL ZKE 20 The first automatic door opener with voice-recognition
VoCARD Chip-card terminal with voice-recognition
VOCAL PC* PC voice-verificator (Biometrical access-module for PC and networks)
VOCAL HANDY* Mobile with biometrical identity-call-off (voice verification)
VOICO Robust command-word control with limited vocabulary for voice-control in houses (light, household, beds, chairs, etc.), industry (hoists, automatics, etc.)
* - Prototypes as product studies

ABS GmbH, Jena - Your partner for Digital Signal Processing: www.abs-jena.de