VOCAL SCW 1 is a self-arming electronic antitheft device using voice-identification.

VOCAL SCW 1 recognises up to 5 authorised drivers using their ‘acoustical finger-print’, namely their voice.

VOCAL SCW 1 can be retrofitted in any vehicle.

VOCAL SCW 1 is type-approved within the EEC and consists of 2 components:

  • Microphone-speaker-unit for speech input and output with dialogue function to be mounted anywhere within the drivers area of the cockpit.
  • Control unit with voice-identification processor and actuator for the switch signal.
  3 good reasons to purchase a VOCAL SCW 1:  
  Simple Handling
Download the working instructions
  Just follow the acoustic prompting, say your codeword and off you go!
Listen to the sound sequence
  Easy to use  
  • automatic arming (self-arming)
  • up to 5 authorised drivers can be recognised
  • can be adjusted within 10 seconds to accommodate service, maintenance, and to enable further persons to drive the car. 
  High Security Standard  
  • simultaneous checking of both voice-pattern AND codeword make manipulation attempts futile.
  • more than 5 manipulation attempts result in system lock.
  • code words can be changed within 3 minutes at any time without having to have the system serviced.
  • common black cables make manipulation at the electronics much more difficult.
  • 3 circuits broken (3-way security)
  During the complete period of development of electronics and software ABS GmbH Jena had been paying particular attention to the high standards in the car industry.
PHOENIX Mecano Digital, Wutha-Farnroda - our competent partner - manufactures the electronics on most modern machines.