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The voice-coded antitheft device

that recognises the authorised driver
by voice and codeword


ABS GmbH in Jena/Thuringia has been developing and optimising voice recognising and biometrical systems for security engineering for over 10 years.

With VOCAL SCW 1 we introduce the first, and up until now unique, voice-coded anticartheft device for motor vehicles. It recognises authorised drivers by voice and codeword.

Your voice is unmistakeable. You just cannot loose your key, namely your voice, nor forget it and it cannot get stolen either.

This is the decisive advantage of VOCAL SCW 1. According to police reports car thieves more and more tend to steal the original ignition key first of all using ever new tricks and drive off in your car without any major problems.

We are proud to be able to introduce you with VOCAL SCW 1 to a product that offers effective protection against theft of your car.

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