Do insurance companies approve VOCAL SCW 1?

VOCAL SCW 1 is listed with the Kraftfahrtbundesamt Flensburg (KBA) and the insurance companies as an approved antitheft device. The EEC Type Approval (following up the General Type Approval ABE) required by law has been granted.
Insurance companies welcome VOCAL SCW 1. After all, it helps effectively to prevent theft and thus reduce claims. Even fake car thefts are very hard to explain with VOCAL SCW 1. Insurance companies and the Federal Bureau of Investigation estimate them to amount to 30 to 50 percent of all car thefts.
As a suitable antitheft device a well-known insurance company mentions VOCAL SCW 1 in their “Car Offensive” under the slogan “Prevent Claims, don’t pay for them!”. For illustration they present “the most secure car of the world”. As a highlight of the 6 systems installed in the car you find the prizewinner of the INNOVATIONSPREIS THÜRINGEN – VOCAL SCW 1.